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Don’t Miss a Sound this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is filled with things we love to hear: family and friends, the rustle of leaves, a football game on TV. With all the advances in hearing technology in recent years, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy all of that to the fullest. Here’s a quick look at some incredible tech that is revolutionizing the hearing aid experience:


Check out a MARVEL-ous hearing aid.

Your listening environment can change from moment to moment. You may be outside, just listening to the sounds of autumn, when you get called to a dinner table filled with several lively conversations going on at the same time. Another room may go instantly from empty and quiet to crowded and filled with crosstalk when it’s just about time for kick-off on TV.

That’s where Marvel hearing aids can be lifesavers. They automatically adjust to the optimal settings for whatever environment you find yourself in. The other marvelous thing about Marvel hearing aids is Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream sound from any Bluetooth-enabled device straight to your hearing aid. It’s great for watching a game on a Bluetooth-capable TV without having to turn the volume up to a level that makes others want to leave the room.


Capture the sounds you want to hear.

Bluetooth can also help you literally capture sound. With Roger sound-streaming devices, a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid can pick up sound you might otherwise miss. For instance, a small, multi-microphone Roger unit placed at the center of the dinner table can give you equal access to every voice at the table.

Roger has a great variety of microphone options; they’re sure to have the one you need to make the most of Thanksgiving. Their products can help you hear up to 10 times better in background-noise situations.



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