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Keep your Hearing Aids Safe this Summer

Keep your hearing aids safe this summer


It’s fun-in-the-sun season, and “protection” is on people’s minds: Hats and sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Plenty of water on hand to avoid dehydration. You know the drill. And for people with hearing loss, there’s another layer to protection planning: the delicate, highly-sophisticated electronics in your hearing aids.


Hearing aids and water.The best way to keep hearing aids dry is to not wear them when you’re enjoying water activities. But if that’s not possible, most contemporary hearing aids are water-resistant enough to withstand a bit of splashing, as long as you aren’t going underwater. Even so, after hearing aids have gotten wet, here’s what you need to do:


1) Get any surface water off them.

2) Take out the batteries.

3) Wipe away any water in the battery compartment.

4) Leave your hearing aids in a warm, dry place, where air is circulating.


Hearing aids and perspiration.A lot of summer moisture is self-generated. Look into headbands and other equipment designed to keep perspiration out of your hearing aids. We also recommend getting a specially designed drying box to store your hearing aids in overnight.


Hearing aids and heat.When you do take off your hearing aids to keep them safe from water, perspiration, sand and other summer elements, be careful where you put them. Never leave hearing aids on a car dashboard, in a glove box or anyplace else where they’ll exposed to direct sunlight and heat.


If you find yourself concerned about the way your hearing aids are working anywhere along the way, just give us a call about coming in to have them checked out.


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